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Minimalist Stocking Tags

Minimalist Stocking Tags

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--->Important design info<----
-All letters are lower case
-The letters I and J will have no dot above them
-Some names will have letters that over hang while SOME will have NO OVERHANG
-The tags are left unstained.
-String will be attached to the tag, but the end will be left untied for you to tie to the length you would like.

A paw print can be added for pets.

I don't change the font size at all unless it is a name that is too long. I will size long names down to fit while still allowing them to be as big as I can.

Measurements- 1.5"x 9"

*Stockings not included*
They are from Mama's Junk Co.

I highly suggest upgrading to priority shipping at checkout, so your package will make it through the USPS system faster.

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